Servicing, maintenance, repairs and solutions

With a wealth of commercial experience in both operating and maintaining commercial facilities, Rock Pools and Spas understand how dynamic your needs may be and how flexible and reliable you need us to be. Our goal is to provide you with our best service so you can concentrate on delivering your product to your customers and guests. We are insured and up to date with recommendations and the health and safety laws that may affect your business. All works are carried out in a professional manner buy our engineers.


The correct servicing of your facilities is essential for smooth operating. The services we can provide vary from simple water testing to operating the whole facility for you and everything in between. Because your needs are specific to the site and operations you have we build a package bespoke to you by taking into account your hours of business and budget.

Maintenance and repairs

Planned maintenance and repairs are essential. We can undertake all aspects of pool work. For specialist tasks we can bring in experts in the given field. We are responsive and quick to complete repairs with quality products.


We are here to provide training and professional solutions to your problems. We are able to offer consultancy in areas of your operations with specific goals in mind like reducing operating costs or reducing energy usage.

Other Areas...